Courtney orla


Launched from 2022. Design, direction, construction, and image are organized by a team, and the members are private.


Responsibly thank, use and protect the by-products produced by eating living animals.

Natural materials

Making the most of plant fiber itself

synthetic material

Exploring new possibilities by expressing man-made materials with modern new technology

With these in mind, CO (Courtney Orla) aims for a new standard towards the impossible of the past and the possible of the future.

Sustainable is already the standard

The essence is to use things carefully and pass them down to the next generation.

In that respect, just criticizing leather, which is a by-product of meat,

Choosing not to blindly use plastic

In a sense, it is fraught with great contradiction.

Today, a wide variety of values ​​exist at the same time.

New value is born one after another while each coexists

They exist simultaneously, interfering with each other or not at all.

contradiction and symbiosis

CO / COURTNEY ORLA proposes a new era standard

Chapter 1 / SLOPE
The unique form of the two pieces of bottom and side gussets sewn diagonally is a CO signature model (PVC/pig leather/cow leather combination or cow leather only).

Chapter 2 / SEVEN
Shopper (horse “horse” leather) that closes together with magnets – horses run around quite hard, so we designed a scratch that consists of that.

Chapter 3 / ORB
drawcord drawstring bag with gathered sides in cow leather

Chapter 4 / CURVE
A silhouette created by not creating corners and joining together (combination of PVC/pig leather/cow leather)

Chapter 5 / INVERSE
Reversal of IN and OUT (pigskin with cowhide handle and pocket)

Sugar coat the canvas back inside the frame

Chapter 7 / NAP
A GYM bag that takes advantage of the suppleness and durability of horse leather.